A Man’s Blood Group May Affect The Strength Of His Erections!

Going by the results of a scientific study, the blood group of a man could actually affect the strength and hardness of his erections.

In case you don’t already know this, blood flow is an important aspect in getting an erection. This is because without adequate blood flowing into the penis, you are not going to be able to get a full erection or be able to maintain your erection when having sex.

A Study Conducted In Turkey Has Found Out That Blood Type is Linked To Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction!

A Study Conducted In Turkey Has Found Out That Blood Type is Linked To Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction!

But, where does the idea of blood group affecting how difficult or easy it is for a man to get hard and strong erections come in?

Well, some scientists from Turkey carried out a study that revealed that a man’s blood group actually affects the quality of his erection. The study discovered that the men with blood group O were notable less likely to be plagued by erectile dysfunction than men with other blood groups (blood group A, blood group B and blood group AB).

The research study includes more info… it found out that the men with group A and group B blood had a 300% more risks of having erectile dysfunction than the men that have blood group O. As for the men who had blood group AB, they were almost 400% more likely to be plagued by erectile dysfunction.

It sounds surprising… right?

The relationship between blood groups and erectile dysfunction is a lot simpler than you may think.

There are some other research studies that have found out that certain blood groups (i.e. AB) have been linked to some health problems such as: heart disease, high cholesterol levels and blood clots – all of which tend to negatively affect the quality and strength of a man’s erections.

It is the exact things responsible for these health problems that are likely to be what results in the direct link between erectile dysfunction and blood group.

There are even studies that have shown that erectile dysfunction is usually a symptom that comes before heart disease. Men often begin experiencing erection problems around 3 years before heart disease becomes evident.

The explanation for this is that the arteries that supply blood to the penis is much smaller than arteries that are attached to the heart, so obviously when there is a problem caused by damage or buildup up of plaque, the arteries in the penis are the ones that get affected first before the ones attached to the heart.

Scientists suspect that men who have blood group A and B have higher amounts of adhesion molecules in their blood. And it is this that adds to the increase in plaque inside the arteries.

Plaque blocks the blood vessels and this affects blood circulation, it is this that is responsible for the higher risk of heart disease and erectile dysfunction in men that have this blood group.

There is also the likelihood that the genes (DNA) of men who have blood group A and B is what adds to the blood vessel damage which could interrupt the processes that need to occur for a man to get an erection.

There is need to indicate that this particular research study was retrospective, meaning that the study researchers did not attempt to find out cause and effect.

So, there needs to be more research studies carried out on the relationship between erection strength and blood group.

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