Are You Battling With The Problem Of Delayed Ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation is known by other names like inhibited ejaculation or retarded ejaculation. It is a sexual problem where a man has difficulties in ejaculating or achieving orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Delayed Ejaculation Is A Problem Just Like Premature Ejaculation Is!

Delayed Ejaculation Is A Problem Just Like Premature Ejaculation Is!

This scenario is the polar opposite of quick ejaculation which is a lot more popular especially among men that do not have sexual intercourse on a regular basis.

It is so uncommon that it affects less than 8% of males worldwide.

The general definition is that if a man ejaculates in under 4 minutes of intercourse, then he has premature ejaculation. However, with there is not defined amount of time in particular.

For some guys, it is a problem for them if after more than 30 minutes of sexual intercourse they still cannot ejaculate or orgasm even though they would like to.

When you compare the average time that it takes for men to either achieve orgasm or ejaculate after penetration, which is around 8 minutes, then you would realize that intercourse for over 30 minutes and NOT being able to achieve orgasm or ejaculate when you would like to is a sexual problem.

If you are one of the rare men that is afflicted by the sexual problem of delayed ejaculation, then you need to read on to become more knowledgeable about it so you can know how to deal with it.

What Are The Causes Of Delayed Ejaculation?

Although ejaculation looks like a simple act, it is actually a complex process that includes the nerves, brain and some set of muscles in the pelvic area.

When you are having intercourse, your brain sends a signal through the nerves to the pelvic floor muscles triggering them to contract and this release semen.

The problem arises when your nerves can’t send the signal correctly to the pelvic floor muscles. This could be the result of some diseases (multiple sclerosis, diabetes etc.) or shockingly it could be due to aging.

So, although the brain sends a signal asking the penis to ejaculate, the message gets lost in transmission and doesn’t reach the recipients.

There are also some medications whose adverse effects included delayed ejaculation because of how they affect the nervous system. Examples of such medications are the types that are used for: muscle relaxation, depression and to stop smoking.  These medications can increase the time it takes for you to ejaculate.

There are also scenarios in which delayed ejaculation is as a result of hormone levels. Some men that have low thyroid or/and low testosterone levels are more likely to have the problem.

And similar to quick ejaculation, some psychological issues like: performance anxiety, depression, relationship conflict etc can also contribute to delaying your ejaculation.

The Drawbacks Of Delayed Ejaculation

For men that are struggling with quick ejaculation, it may look like delayed ejaculation is something that you would want but is NOT a good thing.

It is actually frustrating for a man to have sex for more than 30 minutes and still cannot ejaculate even when he clearly wants to. Sexual intercourse then becomes unsatisfying and exhausting and he would have to end every session disappointed.

How Do You Treat Delayed Ejaculation

If you have delayed ejaculation during actual sexual intercourse but you can ejaculate when you masturbate, then you would have to figure out how you can get the same amount of stimulation that you get during masturbating when you are having sex.

The easiest way is when you feel you have had enough during sex, pull out and stimulate till you are the point of ejaculate, then start intercourse again to eventually ejaculate (only if you are trying to get your woman pregnant).

But, if your problem is so bad that you can’t even ejaculate when you masturbate, then you have to see a doctor (urologist) that would diagnose the particular cause of your delayed ejaculation and recommend the appropriate treatment for you.

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