Does Vasectomy Have Any Adverse Effects?

When a man decides that he no longer wants to have any other children vasectomy is the way to go. It is a permanent birth control that prevents you from releasing sperm when your ejaculate.

Vasectomy Is For Men That Have Decided That They Don’t Want To Father Anymore Children.

Vasectomy Is For Men That Have Decided That They Don’t Want To Father Anymore Children.

Most of the time, vasectomy is an outpatient surgical procedure i.e. you do it and go back home on the same day. The procedure is safe when done by an experienced doctor.

However there are some adverse effects that you need to be aware of so that you can make an informed decision if you still want to go ahead and have a vasectomy.

The Way A Vasectomy Procedure Is Carried Out

Most of the time, vasectomy is straight-forward that is why it is always an outpatient procedure.

A doctor can even perform the procedure in his office. It just involves him, injecting a local anesthetic to your scrotum area and the moment it feels numb, he makes a small cut to the right side of the scrotum.

Vasectomy Is A Straight-forward Procedure.

Vasectomy Is A Straight-forward Procedure.

The doctor then ties (using stitches) or burns (using a special device) the vas deferens (sperm duct) that connects your right testicle to your body. He then repeats the same thing to the left side of the scrotum to complete the procedure.

There is also another kind of vasectomy where no incision is done, what the doctor does is insert a small clamp (it goes in like a needle) that has it ends point into the scrotum and then cuts the vas deferens. The opening that this procedure makes on the scrotum is a lot smaller than in the procedure where an incision is made (scalpel vasectomy).

Vasectomy Can Also Be Done With No Scalpel (Incision) Using A Device.

Vasectomy Can Also Be Done With No Scalpel (Incision) Using A Device.

Another type of vasectomy that also uses the clamp method is the “Vasclip”. It is a device that the doctor inserts into the scrotum and the sperm ducts are “clamped off”. It is different from the others because in this case the sperm ducts are NOT cut or burned off.

Vasectomy disconnects the sperm ducts from the testicles so sperm cells would not be able to pass through to mix with semen. This makes the man infertile, which is what why he went for the procedure.

Even though the testicles would keep on producing sperm cells, they cannot pass through, so the body continuously re-absorb them (this is what happens when a man does not ejaculate for more than 70 days).

Vasectomy also doesn’t affect the body’s testosterone levels. The testicles still produces testosterone and releases it directly to the blood stream like it normally does.

The Adverse Effects Of Vasectomy

Although vasectomy is usually safe and straight-forward, there are some adverse effects that can show up so you have to know about them before you make the move on having a vasectomy or not.

The Vasclip Is Another Device That Is Used For Vasectomy – It Clamps Off The Sperm Duct.

The Vasclip Is Another Device That Is Used For Vasectomy – It Clamps Off The Sperm Duct.

These adverse effects include:

1.) Possible Decline In Sex Drive

Some research studies have shown that between 10% – 20% of men who go for vasectomy experience a noticeable reduction in their sexual desire immediately after they had the procedure.

2.) Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome

A very small percentage of men that have undergone vasectomy start experiencing what is known as post-vasectomy pain syndrome.

It is a rare adverse effect that could either be epididymides pain or orchialigia pain. The former is a continuous tender pain/tenderness on the scrotum, while the later is a pain that only occurs during activities such as: orgasm/ejaculation, sexual intercourse and when exercising.

In cases where the pain is too much, nerve stripping is done to give total relief to the man.

3.) Anti-sperm Antibodies Could Develop

This one is actually a common adverse effect if vasectomy. In fact anti-sperm antibodies usually develop within 12 months of undergoing the procedure in between 60 to 70 percent of men.

These antibodies try to stop the body from re-absorbing the sperm like it normally does. When this happens, the sperm can build up pressure inside the scrotum and this could cause ruptures which form sperm granulomas in order for the sperm to eventually get reabsorbed into the body.

4.) Sometimes “Vasclip” Is NOT Effective

Although the Vasclip device looks high tech, there are scenarios where vasectomies done using the vasclip to “clamp off” the sperm ducts don’t do a good job as a permanent male birth control method.

This is because the sperm cells can still squeeze through and end up making the man fertile which is what he doesn’t want in the first place. Cutting off or burning off the sperm ducts are more reliable than the high tech vasclip method.

5.) The Volume Of Semen Reduces

The fluid that transports the sperm from the testicles makes up about 10% of ejaculated volume of semen. This is the reason why when a man goes for a vasectomy, there is going to be a noticeable reduction in the volume of semen he ejaculates.

Other things like the smell and texture would not change.

6.) There Are Scenarios Where Vasectomy Becomes A Failed Procedure

These scenarios are very rare but they do occur. Even when the sperm ducts have been tied, clamped, or cut, the ends still end up re-connecting and making the man fertile once more.

There are also rare occasions where one of the ends of the cut sperm ducts opens up and starts mixing the sperm with semen fluid and the man starts having sperm again in his ejaculated semen.

If you are thinking of going for a vasectomy procedure, now you are fully aware of the adverse effects that could occur when you go for it.

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