How Smoking Completely Destroys Your Life!

Tobacco smoking is a bad habit that I am completely against. Even though I am biased, I would still list my sources at the end of this article so you know that I did not fabricate any of the facts that you would soon be aware of.

Smoking Is Bad For You!

Smoking Is Bad For You!

Smoking gives you too many health problems and they also include sexual problems which you don’t want to have.

If you are a smoker, you need to be aware that this habit negatively affects different aspects of your sexual health, starting from your attractiveness to women, your sexual performance, your reproductive health and others like your penis size.

In a few minutes you would discover all the ways smoking can destroy your reproductive and sexual health.

Smoking Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

There is a research study that showed that men who smoke over 20 cigarettes per day increase their risks of getting erectile dysfunction (impotence) by up to 60% when compared to non-smokers.

And going by a research study conducted at the University of Kentucky, USA, smoking can negatively affect your fertility and make it difficult to get a woman pregnant.

This is because of some of the chemicals that tobacco contains which can block or destroy blood vessels and this result in poor blood circulation which in most cases results in erectile dysfunction.

Another problem that smoking can cause is penile tissue damage which would negative affects the proper functioning of the penis.

Smoking Can Lower Your Sexual Satisfaction And Sex Drive

Sex drive is basically your eagerness to have sexual intercourse. The other name for sex drive is libido.

When your sex drive becomes low, it means you are not really interested in having sex with any woman and you would not even be excited to have sex when a beautiful woman is making moves on you to have sex.

As for sexual satisfaction, it is the way you feel during and after sexual intercourse. So, basically it is all about the answer to the question of if you are happy whenever you have just had sexual intercourse.

In so many cases, smoking on a regular basis causes a man’s sex drive and sexual satisfaction to plummet. This is because smoking causes some physical problems that negatively affect a man’s sexual performance.

For lots of men, these physical problems tend to affect their urge to have sexual intercourse because it makes their sexual performance bad.

In a situation where a man has consistently being having bad sexual performance, his satisfaction after sex and his desire to have sex reduces.

In simple words, smoking regularly puts you in a scenario where you are consistently not able to perform well during sex and you would start to stay away from sexual intercourse.

And if your woman is constantly disappointed after sex with you, of course you would not be happy about the whole act.

Smoking Damages The Smooth Muscles In The Penis

The thing is that smoking damages the smooth muscles that can help you in getting an erection. This is another strong reason why you need to stop this bad habit forever!

Smoking Can Shrink Your Penis Size

As absurd as this may sound, it is actually based on actual scientific research. If you are still a smoker after reading this, then it means you want your penis to become smaller.

Research scientists from the Boston University, Boston, USA reported that men who began smoking in their teenage mostly ended up causing damage to the tissues and blood vessels in their penis resulting in a smaller penis over the years.

So, if you started smoking at an early age, then it means the current size of your penis is smaller than what it should have been. I am sure you never thought of the idea that smoking cigarettes actual shrinks your penis!

Smoking Causes Health Problems Which Eventually Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Back to the issue of erectile dysfunction (impotence) again! However this time there is a twist on it. There are some health conditions that can increase your chances of having erectile dysfunction.

For example high blood pressure is a common culprit. Smoking tobacco on a regular basis increases your likelihood of having erectile dysfunction by up to 2600% when you have high blood pressure – and yes the figure is 2600%, it is NOT a typographical error.

The only way to prevent all these unnecessary problems that can affect your sex life is to stop smoking completely!

If you have tried several times to quit smoking, this is more reasons why you MUST succeed kicking away this dangerous habit.

One thing you must be aware of is that there really is no logical reason for you to smoke cigarette… it is just a habit that ends up destroying your health both in the long term and short term!

There is nothing absolutely beneficial about smoking cigarettes when years later it makes you unable to perform sexually because of the damage it has caused to your body… stop smoking now!


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