How To Quit Smoking To Improve Your Health!

I previously wrote an article on How Smoking Completely Destroys Your Life!

Before making the effort to quit smoking, you must have you must come up with a bunch of personal reasons why being a non-smokers is better for your life than being a smoker.

Your reasons why you need to stop smoking would be your motivation that should propel you to success.

Why It Is Difficult To Quit Smoking

Once you make an attempt to stop smoking, your body is going to show some signs of nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine comes from the tobacco. You would experience cravings for a cigarette and actual physical withdrawal symptoms.


Since smoking is a habit, it is likely that you have an automatic urge to smoke when you are doing some activities: like drinking tea, taking a break at work or when you are going back home at the end of the day.

So, you have to follow a plan that helps you deal with the habits, addictions and routines that are attached to smoking cigarette.

Coming Up With A Plan To Quit Smoking

Using a plan helps you to see things objectively. You would be able to locate the short-term problems that are preventing you from stopping and you would also be able to understand how to deal with the long-term issues to help you remain a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

A good plan to help you stop smoking can be described in these words:

  • Delay
  • Avoid
  • Replace

How To Identify Your Smoking Triggers

You need to be able to identify what pushes you to smoke so that you can replace it with something else. For example if you find out that drinking alcohol pushes you to smoke cigarettes then you have to stop drinking alcohol.

If you get tempted to smoke when you are in the company of smokers, then you need to only associate with non-smokers and stay away from friends that smoke.

And if get the urge to smoke once you have finished your meals, then you need to replace cigarettes with something else, may be ice cream, chocolate, kola nuts etc.

Finding Out Why Smoke

There are lots of men that smoke to assist them in dealing with issues such as: fear, anxiety, loneliness, depression and stress.

If this applies to you, then try doing any of these: exercising, meditating or breathing deeply. You need to look for other ways to deal with negative emotions without resorting to smoking.

Some Tips To Help You Stop Smoking

There are some men that stop smoking at once. This is usually because they have a very strong reason to stop e.g. they just found out they had lung disease.

But, in most cases you are better off doing it gradually so that you don’t go back to the bad habit of smoking again.

Here are few steps that can help you to stop this bad habit:

1.) Start reading all you can about the dangers of tobacco smoking. By doing this, you are constantly giving your mind more reasons why smoking is unhealthy and you need to get read of this bad habit.

2.) Reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. If you smoke less than 10 sticks of cigarette per day, reduce it to only 1 cigarette per day. But, if you smoke above 10 cigarettes per day, reduce it to only 2 cigarettes per day.

3.) Stop smoking entirely after 4 weeks. Get rid of any cigarette packs and sticks that you have in your possession.

4.) Get rid of the tobacco smell. Wash all your clothes, clean your house thoroughly and get rid of your lighters and ashtrays. Use air fresheners everyday till your house is completely free from the stench of tobacco.

5.) Engage in regular exercise. The moment you have gotten rid of this bad habit, you need to start exercising regularly which is a good habit that can remove your mind from tobacco cigarette cravings and elevate your moods.

How To Deal With The Nicotine Cravings

When you stop smoking, you would have cravings to smoke. This is caused by the nicotine in tobacco. Here is how to deal with the cravings.

1.) Distract Your Mind – You can watch football, play video games, go for a walk, you are free to do just about everything to take your mind from the idea of getting a cigarette to smoke.

2.) Remind Yourself Of Your Reasons To Stop Smoking – if you have been reading about all the bad consequences of tobacco smoking, then anytime you feel the urge remember why you need to stop this bad habit and how better you life would be as a non-smoker.

3.) Stay Away From Temptation – If you are at a place where you regularly smoke (like a bar) and you start feeling the urge to smoke, you need to leave that place immediately. In so many cases, doing this reduces the urge to smoke.

4.) Give Yourself Some Credit – Anytime you succeed in resisting the urge to smoke, you need to pat yourself on the back because you have just won a mini victory.

Some Tips To Preventing Yourself From Going Back To Smoking

When you finally stop smoking cigarette completely, you are going to start experiencing some nicotine withdrawals. And it usually begins some hours after you have smoked your last tobacco cigarette.

The withdrawals symptoms usually reach it peaks after about 3 days.

Here is how you can deal with these nicotine withdrawal symptoms:

Symptom How Long It Lasts What To Do
Craving for cigarette It is most intense during 1st week but it can last for months Wait out the urge; distract yourself; take a brisk walk.
Irritability, impatience 2 to 4 weeks Exercise; take hot baths; use relaxation techniques; avoid caffeine.
Sleeplessness 2 to 4weeks Avoid caffeine after 6 p.m.; use relaxation techniques; exercise; plan activities (such as reading) when sleep is difficult.
Fatigue 2 to 4 weeks Take naps; do not push yourself.
Lack of concentration A few weeks Reduce workload; avoid stress.
Hunger Several weeks or longer Drink water or low-calorie drinks; eat low-calorie snacks.
Coughing, dry throat, nasal drip Several weeks Drink plenty of fluids; use cough syrup.
Constipation, gas 1 to 2 weeks Drink plenty of fluids; add fiber to diet; exercise.

The withdrawal symptoms might be unpleasant but after some week the chemicals that cigarettes have been putting in your body would have been completely flushed out of your system.

If you make the mistake of slipping and smoking a cigarette when you should have stopped, try to figure out why you relapsed and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Lots of people have tried multiple times to quit smoking before they eventually succeeded.

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