The 3 Safe Methods Of Penis Enlargement!

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Out of all the methods of penis enlargement that are currently available, there are only 3 methods that we can classify as being both safe and effective.

SUMMARY: If you are interested in enlarging your penis we recommend you use or at least start with penis exercises (like the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) because it is affordable and it gives you the added benefits of longer lasting and stronger erections. Click Here Now to get the Penis Enlargement Gym Program.

NOTE: stay away from oils, herbs, pills, supplements, vacuum “air” pumps or hanging weights – they are all a waste of money – they DO NOT WORK!. I repeat you CANNOT increase your penis size because of something that you swallowed or rubbed on your penis.

There are no cheap and effortless methods of penis enlargement… If you think buying a ₦500 herb or oil is going to increase your penis size, you are setting yourself up for a big DISAPPOINTMENT (in fact some of these herbs or herbal mixtures can actually give you serious health problems!). You have been WARNED!

Just Like You, So Many Men Are Interested In Increasing Penile Enlargement..

Just Like You, So Many Men Are Interested In Penile Enlargement.

So, if you are serious about penis enlargement then make your selection of what methods to use from the following:

1.) Penis Exercise Program

This method of penis enlargement involves you using your hands to apply the same kind of stretch and pressure that you get from using penile devices (i.e. penis extender or water-based penis pump).

Penis exercises are easy to do and they require some effort on your part. They are very effective and completely safe when you do them properly.

This is why I highly recommend you get the Penis Enlargement Gym Program which contains detailed explanations (including pictures and videos) on how to do these exercises properly and get impressive penis growth (Click Here Now To Get It!).

Engaging In Penis Exercises Regularly Can Help Give You A Bigger Penis, Stronger Erections And Ejaculatory Control.

Penis Exercises Require You Using Your Hands To Stretch And Expand Your Penile Tissues.

If you decide to go the route of penis exercising, then you would do the exercises 3 – 5 times a week for a period of 3 – 6 months depending on how much increase in penis size that you want.

Penis exercises focuses on increasing both your penile length and thickness. And men who engage in regular penis exercises usually notice stronger and harder erections.

A lot of men report that they start seeing noticeable results after 4 – 6 weeks of exercising their penis both in terms of size and in the strength of their erections.

High-quality penis exercise programs are affordable to Nigerian men. Penis enlargement exercise programs usually come as a comprehensive manual (book) with videos and pictures.

If you are interested in devices BUT you cannot afford the expensive price tag of penile extenders or water-based penis pumps, then following a penis exercise program is the only option for you.

If you are serious about getting a bigger penis, you should try the Penis Enlargement Gym Program. It has been around for close to 10 years now and you would definitely increase your penis size if you follow the instructions in the program. Click Here Now to get it.The Penis Enlargement Gym Program

2.) Water-Assisted Penis Pump

This method of penis enlargement requires that you use it in your bathroom or shower because it needs water for it to work properly.

To Expect Permanent Results, You Have To Use A Water Based Pump Regularly For A Few Months.

To Expect Permanent Results, You Have To Use A Water Based Pump Regularly For A Few Months.

You would have to use this device for 15 – 30 minutes a day, 3 – 5 times a week if you are serious about achieving any penis growth. And be prepared to use this device for 3 – 8 months.

To use a water-assisted penis pumps, you would have to fill the cylinder up with water then you insert your penis and “pump” using either a regular pump or by pushing down on the cylinder repeatedly to create suction around the base of your penis.

As you go along using this device regularly you would have to use stronger pressure gaiters since the penile tissues would gradually adapt to the force.

A Water Assisted Pump Applies Force On The Penile Tissue Using Water Pressure.

A Water Assisted Pump Applies Force On The Penile Tissue Using Water Pressure.

Water-assisted penis pumps works primarily for increasing penile girth (thickness).

Water-assisted penis pumps requires that you stay in the bathroom/toilet (or anywhere that you can splash water on the floor) for 15 – 30 minutes. It demands very little effort on your part.

High-quality brands costs around $320 (about ₦104,000) per device – this is too expensive for a lot of Nigerian men.

If you can easily pay around $320 then I recommend you go for HydroMax Bathmate device which is well known as being a high-quality device.

3.) Penile Extender

This method of penis enlargement is an effortless method of lengthening the penis. It is as easy as wearing a belt and leaving it there for 3 – 9 hours.

Penile Extender Are Designed To Apply A Constant Stretch On The Penile Tissues.

Penile Extender Are Designed To Apply A Constant Stretch On The Penile Tissues.

When you wear a penis extender, it applies a constant stretch along your penile shaft. This constant stretch is meant to create micro-tears in your penile tissues which later heal and re-grow to longer sizes.

Here are some research studies that have proven that this method of penis enlargement works in giving men that use them diligently a longer penis:

Using this method just involves you wearing a high-quality penile extender on your penis for 3 – 9 hours a day for a period of 4 – 9 months.

Penile Extenders Are Worn On The Penis For 3 - 9 Hours A Day For Up To 9 Months.

Penile Extenders Are Worn On The Penis For 3 – 9 Hours A Day For Up To 9 Months.

Penile extenders were designed solely as a penile lengthening device, so you should only expect an increase in penis length.

High-quality brands costs at least $350 (about ₦113,750) – this is more than a lot of Nigerian men can afford.

If you are only interested in increasing your penile length and you can afford the high price tag, I recommend you go for a high-quality device like SizeGenetics.

So, if you are interested in a safe and effective method of penis enlargement, your options are:

Penis Exercise Program (Click Here Now To Get Penis Enlargement Gym Program)

Water-Assisted Penis Pump (Click Here Now To Get HydroMax Bathmate)

Penile Extender (Click Here Now To Get SizeGenetics)

If you have any questions or inquiries, send an email to: or leave a comment below or Click Here To Contact Us.

PSPS: Natural penis enlargement (which excludes surgery) can ONLY occur with methods that use the concept of “progressive overload”. This means that you need to keep applying an increasing stress on the penile tissues for it to grow.

Progressive overload is what makes it possible for you to build muscles by lifting weights consistently… the difference is that the penis is made up of smooth muscle tissue, while your arms, chest and thighs contain skeletal muscle tissue.

Unlike bodybuilding where you lose some of your muscle growth after you stop lifting weights, using effective natural penis enlargement methods (like Penis Exercising, Water-Assisted Penis Pump and Penile Extender), your penis size remains PERMANENT after you stop using any of these methods.

This is because once the smooth muscle tissue inside your penis gets enlarged, it NEVER goes back to its original size.

If you are thinking of using creams, pills, supplements, drugs, oils or lotions… they DO NOT WORK! You would just keep buying these useless products and continuously experiencing disappointments.


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  1. David E says:

    what are the sypplyment i can use to fill in blood and make it long more. apart from this device. thanks David from lagos

    • Andrew says:

      There is no supplement or pill that can enlarge your penis. Supplements/pills may only increase your sex drive and nothing more. The anatomy of the penis requires an external force to be applied regularly on it for the penile tissues to get permanently enlarged. If you are looking to enlarge your penis size, I would recommend you start with Penis Exercises, you can try the Penis Enlargement Gym program, Click Here Now to get it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    how I wish I hv up 2 200k, I wld hv gone 4 d best

  3. Sylvedtet says:

    Please the penis exercise program for enlargement ,how effective is it and is it for real ?

  4. Sarki mohammed says:

    I want enlarge my penis to be fat and long but I’m slim in nature. Is this possible ?

  5. Joseph says:

    please before I click on your enlargement program please answer this my question. effective are this extenders, 2.when would the results be visible, 3.lastly, how possible is it for a device like that to increase your cock size

  6. collins says:

    please how much is the penis extender

  7. suny says:

    Where can i get it in lokoja and what’s d last price?

    • Andrew says:

      You buy them online. The penis exercise program (Penis Enlargement Gym Program) is a Manual + Videos. You get it as a download copy (Ebook + Video files) which is sent to you by email, while the physical copy (Printed Book + DVD) is sent to your physical address in Lokoja by EMS “speed post” Courier. Click Here Now to get more information on how to order it.

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