Ways To Increase Your Semen Volume Naturally!

Increase You Sperm and Semen Volume Naturally

Increase You Sperm and Semen Volume Naturally

If you are trying to have a baby with your woman or you are fascinated or bothered about how you can increase the quantity of semen that you ejaculate, then in a moment you would discover ways to do it naturally.

There are various reasons why you may want to increase the volume of semen you ejaculate. It could be because it makes you look more confident and “manly” after your sex sessions or because releasing more semen during ejaculation means that your orgasms would be longer lasting.

And more semen means that your chances of getting your woman pregnant increase tremendously since there is more sperm to wear down the cell walls of her fertile egg.

So, you must be wondering, how do I increase the volume of my ejaculate naturally?

Although I haven’t used any semen enhancer to boost my semen volume, based on my research there are a few products that actually effective in helping you.

Before I recommend any product, I would show you some tips that you can use if you want to increase your semen and sperm volume. Here they are:

A.) Life Style Adjustments

1.) Always Wear Loose-Fitting Boxers, Stay Away From Tight Pants

Wear Boxers Instead of Pants

Wear Boxers Instead of Pants

As silly as this tip may seem, it is very important especially if you are trying to have a baby.

Heat destroys sperm cells and affects semen production negatively.

There is a reason why the testicles (balls) hang outside the body;

it is so that it remains cooler than the inside of the body.

If you are the type of man that still wears pants, now is the time to switch to loose-fitting boxers shorts made from cotton.

These would give your testicles enough air for them to stay cool.

2.) Quit Smoking If You Are A Smoker

Stop Smoking Forever

Stop Smoking Forever

Here is another reason why you should stop smoking if you are smoker whether regular smoker or social smoker… quit smoking! Smoking destroys your sperm and reduces the volume of semen your testicles can produce.

Smoking also shrinks your penis over time!

If you want to enjoy better ejaculations, orgasms and you are trying to have a baby with your woman, then smoking is a bad habit that you have to quit.

There are some research studies that have shown that regular smokes usually have lesser semen volume and lower sperm count than men who do NOT smoke – scientific proof that you should stop smoking.

And it is not limited to the regular tobacco smokers, marijuana (weed) smokers are also at risk because marijuana smoking not only affects your sperm count, it also lowers your testosterone levels which in turn lowers your sex drive.

3.) Always Keep Your Testicles Cool… Keep Them Away From Heat

Keep Heat Away From Your Testicles

Keep Heat Away From Your Testicles

Just like the previous tip of wearing loose-fitting boxer shorts instead of tight pants, make sure that you are not exposing your testicles to heat.

You should NOT be regularly exposing your testicles to things like: steam rooms, saunas, hot baths, overheated laptops, going on long rides in vehicles with heated seats and don’t always shower with hot water.

Extreme heat affects your sperm production negatively… exposing your testicles to heat could reduce your sperm and semen quality and quantity.

There was a University of California research study conducted in 2007 that found out that when 11 men stopped taking hot bats every day, they reported as much 500% increase in their sperm count.

So, don’t overlook this advice, keep your testicles away from heat and keep it cool.

4.) Stay Lean And In Shape… That Means Get Rid Of Excess Body And Exercise Regularly

Stay In Shape

Stay In Shape

Excess body fat affects your testosterone levels negatively.

This is another reason why you need to maintain a healthy bodyweight and stay in shape – you do this by watching how calories you consumer and engaging in regular exercise.

And staying in shape also ensures that you have good blood circulation. Your testicles function better when you are in shape.

Being fat or obese affects your semen and sperm production in a bad way.

If you cannot afford to sign up for a gym, you can do body weight exercises like press ups, squats and chin ups in your bedroom or sitting room.

You can also get some dumbbells to engage in weigh training which gives you more lean muscle.

5.) Get Rid Of Stress By Relaxing More

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Although our modern lifestyle is filled with so many things that we have no control over, you can still find ways to relax your body and mind.

Excessive stress affects the testicles ability to secrete testosterone, which is the hormone that encourages semen and sperm production.

So, it is in your best interest to relax more to keep your body’s sperm and semen production at its highest.

You can reduce your work hours, do yoga exercises, start a hobby, get a minimum of 8 hours each night…

Ensure you do anything to keep your mind and body relaxed.

B.) Diet Adjustments

1.) Keep Your Body Hydrated By Drinking More Water

Drink Lots of Water Daily

Drink Lots of Water Daily

Your semen is composed of mostly water and the quantity that you released when you ejaculate is linked to how much water you consume. So, it is in your best interest to stay hydrated.

Drink adequate amounts of water every day. Aim for a minimum of 8 tall glasses (3 litres) of water each day if you would like to increase your semen volume immensely.

If you take alcohol or coffee regularly, then you need to drink more than 3 litres (8 tall glasses) of water daily.

This is due to the fact that coffee and alcohol cause you to lose water by urinating more so you need to compensate for the loss.

And drinking too much alcohol regularly can lower your sperm count because of the damage it causes to your liver which disrupts your testosterone/estrogen balance.

Also, drinking too much coffee could lead to genetic mutations in sperm… it can deform your sperm cells.

2.) Eat More Foods That Are Rich In Folic Acid And Zinc

Eat Foods That Are Rich In Zinc and Folic Acid

Eat Foods That Are Rich In Zinc and Folic Acid

Folic acid is also called vitamin B9 and it helps in boosting semen volume, while zinc is a mineral that helps a great deal in improving male fertility. The moment you consume both of them regularly, you would get a big boost in your semen volume and sperm count.

One research study found that consuming folic acid in combination with zinc can boost a man’s sperm count by up to 74%.

It is good that you eat foods that have abundant amounts of both zinc and folic acid. You should include the following foods in your regular diet: crabs, beef, chicken, beans, egg yolks, leafy green vegetables, oysters, orange juice, walnuts and legumes.

But if you are the kind of person that doesn’t really like varying your diet too much, then you can opt for taking folic acid and zinc capsules. You can buy them at any pharmacy; you just need 15 mg of zinc sulphate and 1 mg of folic acid every day.

3.) Increase Your Intake Of Amino Acids… Eat More Proteins!

Eat More Proteins

Eat More Proteins

The building blocks of protein are amino acids.

And we know for a fact that your sperm head contains a lot of amino acids.

This is why scientists are of the belief that consuming more amino acids could help in improving your semen quantity and quality.

To boost your ejaculate, consume more of these amino acids:

  • L-Carnitine, which you can get from milk and red meat
  • L-Lysine, which you can get from cheeses and dairy
  • L-Arginine, which you can get from eggs, nuts and sesame seeds

4.) Vitamin C Can Help A Lot!

Eat Foods Rich In Vitamin C

Eat Foods Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is antioxidant which means it helps in protecting the body’s cells (including sperm cells) against damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals.

Consuming vitamin C regularly helps in decreasing the presence of defective sperm in your semen and also boosts the speed of your sperm.

There was a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2006, where the men who consumed 1000mg of vitamin c tabs had a sharp increase in their sperm quality, count and motility.

You might prefer getting your vitamin C from oral tabs because it is easier than getting it from your diet. If you prefer getting vitamin C from your diet, then eat more of these foods: lemon, oranges, apples, lime, cherries, tangerine and bell peppers.

So if you want to boost your sperm count or you want to increase the amount of semen that you release during sexual intercourse, then these tips can help you if you try them.

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