Why You Need To Do Kegel Exercises Regularly!

It doesn’t matter whether you are happy with your sexual performance or not, every man benefits from engaging in Kegel exercises regularly.

Diagram Showing Where The Pelvic Floor Muscles Are.

Diagram Showing Where The Pelvic Floor Muscles Are.

If you are wondering what on earth are Kegel exercises – it is a way your exercise your pelvic floor muscles in order to get longer lasting ejaculations (and orgasms) and stronger erections.

Kegels exercises are also known as PC exercise. The exercise was made popular in 1948 by a man by the name: Dr. Arnold Kegel. It was originally used by women who had just given birth in order to tighten the vaginas.

There are some important reasons why you need to engage in regular Kegel exercising if you are sexually active, so it is time you make regular Kegel exercise a habit:

1.) By doing both the normal and reverse Kegel exercise on a regular basis you would have a stronger and healthier pelvic floor muscles.

2.) Engaging in Kegel exercises on a regular basis stops and prevents urinary and fecal – you know the ability to hold feces and urine and also the dripping of urine that happens when you have finished urinating.

3.) if you do Kegel exercises regularly, you would gain more control of your orgasms and ejaculations and also improve your sexual stamina immensely.

4.) If you do kegel exercises in combination with penis exercises, it improves blood flow to the genital area and this is essential in giving you healthier and stronger erections.

5.) Regular Kegel exercising helps to give you stronger pelvic floor muscles and this translates to more powerful orgasms because it increase the amount of force that you use to ejaculate.

6.) Do you have an erection that points downwards? Well, engaging in regular exercises would help in straightening your penis especially if you use it in combination with penile exercises or penile extenders.

If you would like to get more details about kegel exercises and how you can begin a routine that can boost your sex life, then you should read my previous article on Kegel exercises.

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